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Apple iPhone 15 Pro has no SIM slot for a card

Apple iPhone 15 Pro has no SIM slot for a card
Apple revealed its iPhone 13 lineup in September, and the iPhone 14 is still some time away from its launch date, but reports about speculation about the iPhone 15 have already started being circulated on the internet, including the latest one suggesting Apple will eliminate physically-based SIM card slot starting when it launches an iPhone 15 series in 2023.

The news originates via the Brazilian newspaper blog do iPhone and states that 2023's Pro models (tentatively named iPhone 15 Pro) will not feature physical SIM card slots, and depend entirely on eSIM technology to connect.

The source claims that the iPhones will have double eSIM support, allowing users to use two lines at the same time. However, it's not known what the non-Pro models will also rely on eSIM technology or remain using physical SIM slot cards.

Apple plans to eliminate the SIM slot on its cards is not an issue since the tech giant has been reported to be moving to an unlocked iPhone and eliminating the SIM slot appears to be one of the initial steps in this direction.

But regardless, in the event that Apple launches an iPhone that does not have a SIM slot, it may have it available that has an actual SIM slot in places where eSIM is not available.

But 2023 is a long way to travel, so it's better to wait for the information to be confirmed by credible industry sources prior to taking it to be a final decision.

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